Data Reporting & Visualisation

An accurate and relevant reporting suite is quintessential for every business to identify and track high value customers.

Reporting provides visibility into business performance. While each individual report has its own purpose and audience, there is a need for a suite of reports that serve to cover all the business audience and the key purpose of the business. This entails the individual reports to be cohesive and complementary to each other and together, they need to serve a much bigger purpose and audience. This is the underpinning philosophy of our reporting service.

At FOYI, we don’t just add more reports to your suite of reports. Instead, we work with you to understand how they fit with the overall purpose and help you build a more impactful reporting suite.

Types of Projects

Operational Reports

The purpose of operational reports is to provide factual and transactional data. The data is generally very detailed and the reports have less charts and look more like glorified spreadsheets. The audience of these reports are the grass root level staff in operations, sales & marketing.

Insight Reports

Reports with special focus on insights serve the purpose of tracking the drivers of key performance indicators so action can be taken to improve them. These reports have less of detailed data and more of interactive charts. The audience of these reports is managers and senior leadership.

Executive Dashboards

The executive dashboards serve the purpose of measuring overall business performance metrics for the executive team. These dashboards have high level key performance indicators with the ability to drill down to the details. They are useful for the executives during meetings with their peers or their departments.