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In this article, we will share a data scientist resume that can be used as a sample or a template. This has been used by our data scientist who has refined and reused it since 2008. The download does not involve any email sign-in or any other requirement from you.

While this is not the only format to be used, we will describe the purpose of the layout and help you draft your own content. So, click the link below to download the data scientist resume sample.

Layout of Data Scientist Resume 

In order to understand the reasoning behind this layout, we need to understand the purpose of the resume at various stages of the data scientist interview process as given below.


The first stage of any resume is to be seen by the recruiter. This is the most important stage as the competition is extremely high. The recruiter will likely use some form of a keyword search to source the resumes with the right set of keywords.

The purpose of the resume at this stage is to make it easy to find with keywords and have the key information for the recruiter right at the top. Remember, the key information is for the recruiter and not the hiring manager.

Therefore, the sample data scientist resume has the job title, years of experience, education and languages right at the top.

At this stage, your resume has lesser competition than the earlier stage. In general, technical people are someone who are used to looking at convoluted codes and therefore will not mind to go through the entire resume to ask the appropriate questions.

The purpose of the resume at this stage is to get them to ask questions about topics that you are very prepared.

Therefore, the layout of the sample data scientist resume has the technical blog publications and selected projects right below the key information about yourself. Add a diverse set of projects that you have done across your entire career.

These are the stages where senior management or leaders take your interview. The competition at this stage is very less in number but high in difficulty. The leaders generally have very less time and most of the time they only get to look at your resume when they get on the call. Sometimes, they don’t even have it in front of them. 

The purpose of the resume at this stage is to convey a very concise and clear elevator pitch. 

Therefore, the layout of the resume of a data scientist has the summary section that focuses on the tenure, the types of roles that you held and most importantly, what you are focusing on at the moment.

Concluding remarks

In summary, the main purpose of the resume is to help guide the interviewer to key information as quickly and as easily as possible. The real work needs to be your responses. 

We hope that this sample data scientist resume will help you in your career.

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