Unreal – A Synthetic Data Generator Tool

About the app

This application helps in generating synthetic data in a fast and easy way. Currently, the data corresponds to retail domain but there are plans of adding more domains as well. This application is still under development and is open for feature requests.

Feature Requests

Please drop your feedback on the Contact Us page. Some guidelines to help provide feedback that can be implemented are as follows.

Please note that the author would review the feedback and selectively apply those changes that take less time to build and more helpful for everyone.

– If you have any questions, please read the FAQ section below to see if your question is answered already. Otherwise, please leave your question in the comment section below.

If you recommend a change to the existing feature, please write the detail with the following details.

Please state the current limitation of the feature e.g. “…the customer name option only has first name. However, last names are necessary for us as we use it to generate customer username for …”.

Explain a little about how the change could look like e.g. “…the last name could be added as a separate field instead of adding it to the customer name field as it will help us identify it easily …”

Finally, please state if this is a show stopper for you or is a good to have function.

If you recommend a new feature to be added, please write the detail with similar options as above, i.e. the limitation of the current features, what the new feature should look like and finally if it is a show stopper or a good to have feature.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why are the number of transactions requested not the same in the synthetic data generated?

The approach to generating synthetic data is such that the generator makes a best attempt to come close to that number. If the requested number of transactions are more than 10,000 then this difference will be relatively lower.

Q: The application becomes unresponsive after sometime. Is there something wrong ?

As this application is free, the author chose to limit the application run time to a few minutes so more users such as yourself can benefit from the application. Please refresh the page again to start another session

Q: Can I use this app for commercial purposes?

The synthetic data generated can be used for legal and lawful commercial purposes. In fact, the motivation of this application is to save time for people such as yourself.



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